About me

Selsdon Ceramics is my Monica ( I have wondered for a long time who she is), anyway that’s what I call myself. My other names are Tim Bartell and I pretend to be a potter.

I first started pottery in the 70’s but had a gap for a while I came back to it about 8 years ago .The table tennis evening class was full up, there was a pottery in the same street as my flat. It was called Elmwood pottery and looking back on it was the best place ever,three classes a day, it was a real community. Like all places that are any good the local authority closed it.When I moved to Selsdon, I joined another class then that closed,were they trying to tell me something ?

I built my own workshop onto the side of my house and kitted it out with wheel,kiln and three pot plants.I work with earthenware clay,a mixture of local clay gathered from various places,the local cemetary,the cliff at Folkestone and a tile works in Kent.I throw most of my stuff and it’s very functional slipware, I fire at the lower temperatures after seeing the meter spinning round ever faster as the temperature got higher.Save the environment, I fire lower and use local clay that has a minimum of food miles.The cemetary clay normally goes to landfill.

I sell at markets and I supply the Weald and Downland museum with period reproduction pots for use in their houses and kitchen.


I hope you enjoy my blog and hope to see you sometime at a market or fair.


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