Time to go to bed,boys and girls..

As you probably can guess I like history, that’s why I like the Weald and Downland museum so much.

In the Bayleaf farmhouse,the house they used for the tv series ‘Tudor monastery farm’ the whole household would use the hall ( the big room) in the evening,at a certain time decided by the head of the household ,he would tell a servant to cover the fire, this was the sign that everyone should retire. The servant would gather up the core of the fire and put them underneath a dome like pot ready for the following day,the pot was called from the French couvrir le feu, cover the fire, over time this gradually evolved into the word Curfew. Which is when the household went to bed and woe betide the person that broke the curfew. In Shakespeare the Curfew bell is mentioned quite a bit.

I am making some curfew pots for the museum, they have to suffer the strains of extreme temperature and are used to cook bread on the outside like a sort of inside out wrong way round Tandoori oven. They quite often get broken so I am making a few.DSCN6689

This is the first one. Happy New Year everyone hope you enjoy breaking the curfew on old/new years night.DSCN6691

This is the second


About timbartell

I was born in a flat in Lambeth the name of which was, Wedgewood house,China walk estate.I'd forgotten this until recently,it dawned on me the significance of the names after I had become interested in pottery/ceramics.I think of myself as a potter in the most practical sense,making pots for people to use.I have never had any formal training,I took it up when the table tennis class was full.My first flat was in the same road as a pottery centre, Elmwood pottery, the best in London, 18 sessions a week and a real community. I love my craft and bore everyone with it, so am grabbing this chance to bore more people via this blog.There may be the odd interesting item, here's hoping.
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