On the last fair of Christmas

Our last fair was the Frost Fair at Carshalton ponds, a lovely setting next to the pond and Honeywood ecology centre. It started at 1pm and finished in the dark at 6,we were between Koula’s jam and preserve stall and a lovely cake stall,temptation all the time.


We sold well and enjoyed meeting everyone. who were in the mood for the festive season with the pretty lights ,carols,clogging,morris dancing and handbells it seemed to evoke the old feelings of Christmas. Well done Ecolocal for making a good event.


IMG_0460Hope to see you next year.


Mucking about with light over the pond.


About timbartell

I was born in a flat in Lambeth the name of which was, Wedgewood house,China walk estate.I'd forgotten this until recently,it dawned on me the significance of the names after I had become interested in pottery/ceramics.I think of myself as a potter in the most practical sense,making pots for people to use.I have never had any formal training,I took it up when the table tennis class was full.My first flat was in the same road as a pottery centre, Elmwood pottery, the best in London, 18 sessions a week and a real community. I love my craft and bore everyone with it, so am grabbing this chance to bore more people via this blog.There may be the odd interesting item, here's hoping.
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