The old,American versus the English electorial system joke

Some old jokes are sometimes worth repeating anyway here we go; Having spent all last week mystified about the American election I thought i’d give you my understanding of it.Mr Obama had to get 176 seats in the electrical collage, in the UK general elections it doesn’t involve any electrical collages it’s a first past the post system.

Here is my first post. I have eventually got going with my down the end of the garden gas kiln.I had to wait for Guy Fawkes day before having a huge bonfire and what a pain that was,the timber from the trees was so wet I used a gas burner in the end,eventually after three smoke injunctions from the neighbours it was all burnt away ( 2 days ).

I have been able to dig an’ ole and put the post up,how I align the other post I don’t know but am very pleased about being able to start.Keep watching this blog and i’l keep you posted.


About timbartell

I was born in a flat in Lambeth the name of which was, Wedgewood house,China walk estate.I'd forgotten this until recently,it dawned on me the significance of the names after I had become interested in pottery/ceramics.I think of myself as a potter in the most practical sense,making pots for people to use.I have never had any formal training,I took it up when the table tennis class was full.My first flat was in the same road as a pottery centre, Elmwood pottery, the best in London, 18 sessions a week and a real community. I love my craft and bore everyone with it, so am grabbing this chance to bore more people via this blog.There may be the odd interesting item, here's hoping.
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2 Responses to The old,American versus the English electorial system joke

  1. Ian says:

    How’s the kiln coming along Tim?

    • timbartell says:

      Hi Ian,

      I have just finished the shed,needs a roof,possibly Monday,then the foundation of hollow concrete blocks then the start of the kiln.Over the blocks goes ceramic fibre then a layer of hard firebricks then I can start the kiln.It’s going to be catenary arch kiln the arch starting after three courses to give it some height for taller pots.

      If I had realised the work involved I wouldn’t have started but I have got to finish it.

      See you on Saturday.

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